Axe Body Spray Commercial Analysis Essay

Advertisement Analysis - Axis Unleash the Chaos

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Advertisement analysis – Axe “Unleash the Chaos”

Axe is a Unilever-owned cosmetic products brand, which has its identity for its sex appealing advertisements addressed to young men who want women to be chasing him. The 2012 campaign about the New Axe Anarchy for him + for her was done by Agency BBH from London and, in July, won the Gold Lion prize in Cannes Festival.
Anarchy is the first product on Axe’s line which is available to women, and therefore, the audiences for this piece of advertisement are both men and women, mainly young and metro-sexual ones. The ad keeps the concept of sexuality of the old Axe commercials but adds the same sex appeal also to women. This appeal is achieved by the setting of the…show more content…

The man in the picture dresses in a more simplistic, everyday worker style and owns an old car – that is probably why he is fixing it - while the lady dresses up in a short, skinny and sexy dress accompanied by high heels and has not a luxury, but a good car. This disparity between men and women exhibits that the product is affordable by any social class and makes the consumers do not feel anymore rejected, because they can play and get along with different social groups when using axe. The advertisement ensures customers to feel good, feel more secure and attractive, look good and make them feel they can get girls or guys who are out of their league.
The setting of the picture also focuses on the couple and does not rely on the background, which is an irrelevant metropolis. The use of bright colors also emphasizes the love, hormones explosion and sexy moment witnessed.
Apart from literal sexuality appeal, the advert has both models with white-skin and blonde hair; a defined, sexy body and they are tall compared to average people. We can induce, then, that the commercial supports the creation of a stereotypical body, with beauty standards that are not achievable for who was born black and brunette, for example.
The language used, on the other hand, is simple and subjective; it depends on the reader’s interpretation of the image in order to

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Popular men’s grooming brand Axe is, once again, challenging masculine stereotypes with a powerful new ad and social media initiative. 

Released Wednesday, the “Is It OK For Guys?” commercial highlights a number of tough questions that many men privately struggle with. The identity-based questions are heard in voiceover (”Is it OK to not like sports? Is it OK for guys to wear pink?”) as images of diverse men appear onscreen. Some reference sexuality head on: “Is it OK to be a virgin? To experiment with other guys?” 

The new commercial is a follow-up of sorts to 2016’s “Find Your Magic” ad, which featured a vogue-ing dancer and two men sharing a flirtatious glance in an effort to to deconstruct “outdated views of masculinity.”

The “Is It OK For Guys?” clip was based, in part, on a study produced by Axe’s research partner Promundo, which examined what many real-life men were searching for on Google. “We know that young guys are struggling with their own masculinity,” Axe’s Global Vice President Rik Strubel told HuffPost, “but what their research uncovered was truly eye-opening.” 

The commercial kicks off Axe’s Find Your Magic Initiative, which aims to “create a society where there is no wrong way to be a man.” The company will partner with Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organization, to launch a “new digital network” in support of men who are struggling with “toxic masculinity.” Additional activities and resources will be announced throughout the year, Strubel said. 

“We believe guys should embrace what makes them truly unique and authentic,” he explained. “Our aim is to create a healthier, more equal world by reaching men and women with this message.” 

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