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There is something about the air in Mumbai. The moment you land here, the fragrance of the sea, sound of the waves and the vibes of the city grow high on you. It simply creates such a great energy that it embraces you within a few seconds. A sense of belongingness to an otherwise busy city engulfs you immediately. Be it the colonial architectures of South Mumbai, the overcrowded local trains, the dedicated Dabbawalas, enticing Marin drive, famous street food or the fast paced life of the people in the city, Mumbai celebrates life in many shades. From luxurious hotels in Mumbai, sprawling skyscrapers,glamorous lifestyle to the biggest slum areas, you can have it all in one city. What really hooked me to this city is the way everyone celebrates the contrasting lifestyle in their own way. Whenever I visit Mumbai, I blend easily with the rhythmic tone of this dream city and indulge myself in my favorite spots hopping.

Mumbai has a lot to offer for everyone. If you are travelling to the city for the very first time, you should not miss visiting these places which will make you fall in love with the city.

Visit Iconic Gateway of India

Visiting Gateway of India undoubtedly tops the chart when it comes to Mumbai.  This iconic structure is the famous tourist spot in the city. Located opposite one of the luxury hotels, Gateway of India is not just one of the oldest harbors in the country, but also symbolizes the British grandeur. One can also take a ferry ride to ancient Elephanta Caves from here. What I loved most about this place is the sight of floating boats and ferries and when they slowly disappear beyond your horizon in the Arabian Sea.

Street Shopping and Restaurant Hopping in Colaba

If you are a shopaholic and love indulging in street shopping, Colaba is considered as one of the promising places for shopping in South Mumbai. From antiques, jewelry, clothes, books to handicrafts, you will literary find everything in Colaba Causeway. You can also check out Fashion Street, mostly popular among the college students. If you are exhausted in indulging in shopping, you can go for restaurant hopping in Colaba to savour some of the great seafood delicacies along with your favorite drinks.

Spend your evening at Nariman Point

One of my favorite corners in Mumbai is certainly Nariman Point. Sitting here, seeing the changing colours of the sky, the sound of waves making soulful music in your ears, is certainly the way I like to spend my evenings in the city. Mumbaikars are seen strolling around in this place after work mostly. Let the wind blow your hair a bit. Trust me, you will come back feeling refreshed.

Night at Marin Drive

After partying high when you need that solitude in the middle of a chaotic city like Mumbai, you should head to Marin drive to have some quiet time with yourself. It’s amazing to see the scintillating lights of those sea facing towering buildings, the dazzling queen’s necklace and the world passing by, when you stand still at the shore. The glittering Mumbai looks at its best at night.

To add a little glamour to your visit to Aamchi Mumbai, you can even treat yourself with High-Tea in a luxury hotel. From local flavors to the top hospitality, one can have everything in the Maximum City. Travelling on a local train, having street food, strolling around the beaches to the most luxurious experiences in high end hotels , Mumbai will never disappoint you. Rather it seduces you to a point that you don’t mind submitting yourself to “The Dream City”. Mumbai is definitely a great choice for your weekend gateways.

So when will you be flying to Mumbai next?

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Aamchi Mumbai is a city of dreams and a city of hopes. It is the love-child of money and power, the financial and commercial capital of the country. Dilwaalon ki Dilli is the city of culture and legend, the stage for political battles and the seat of power of our country. It has a rich history of its own, lying at the helm of all affairs and intrigues. It is the political and cultural capital of the country.

For ages, people have waged wars on this issue, friends and lovers have separated on ideological grounds and lines have been drawn between families. Now no more, a decision must be reached, a verdict needs to be passed. And so we come to the greatest battle of our times. The crore-rupee question.

Which is better?


The CDBlog takes on both sides of the argument.

1. Weather & Season

In Delhi, however bad the summers are (you may sweat buckets and collapse in a puddle), at least you get to experience the change of seasons. None of this mild weather nonsense. And Delhiites prefer the oven to the pressure cooker that is the Mumbai humidity any day.

Then there is always a fabulous winter to look forward to. The days get shorter, the nights get downright chilly and wonderfully cozy with the bringing out of comfy blankets and hot chocolate. Skies become clear and beautiful.

Till it gets reaaallly cold. And then you die. Horribly. After freezing to death.

Apart from that, it’s really cool 🙂

How Delhi people behave during Mumbai “Winters”


Summer? You mean humid with a chance of warm? Winter? You mean humid with a chance of chill?

Let’s not write off Mumbai’s weather as of yet.

Mumbaikars may complain and crib about weather but in their hearts they know that it is as good as it can get. You don’t need to change your work timings or waste space trying to store voluminous sweaters every year. And the only way Mumbaikers know that the seasons are changing is the flurry of the End of the Season sales signboards all over town!


Delhi – 1

Mumbai – 1

2. Food

Trudge the lanes of the walled-city of old Dilli for the best street-food; sample the wares of the Paranthewalli Gali and try the mouth-watering, eye-watering chaat and golgappe at Ashok Chaat Bhandar. Order delicious biryanis or walk out to any street corner for kulfi-falooda. Work your way through Khan Market, eating everything from Thai to Chinese to Italian food.

Aaaaand...now I’m hungry.

Delhi, at its core, is a meaty heaven, a potpourri of various cultures and cuisines, all perfected for different appetites, budgets and the insatiable Indian palette. And while Mumbai has its own charm when it comes to food, from pav bhaji, vada pav to keema pav, our hearts are set on dilli ka khana.

Also, it’s pyaaz and aloo NOT kandha and batata.


Delhi – 1

Mumbai – 0


3. The Sea & Rains

There is a reason that the most famous representation of Mumbai is the magnificent Queen’s necklace, the pearl-d Marine Drive. And don’t even get us started on the Mumbai Rains!

Monsoons is to Mumbai what printed, glittery upper body-wear is to Gujarati men, i. e., they are mutually responsible for shaping and found in close association with the other. The rains bring out a whole new side of the city; while business goes on as usual, there is a hint of magic, a raw clarity to life that is thrilling, edgy and sublime, all at the same time.

Mumbai, truly a city of sparkly lights

We’re sorry but nothing that Delhi has to offer can match up to the sight of the Arabian sea stretching into the horizon, or feel like the breeze as you walk along Juhu beach or create the kind of life-affirming situations that Bombay rains can put you in.


Delhi – 0

Mumbai – 1


4. Cleanliness, Space & Standard of Living

In comparison to any other major city, *cough* Bambaii *cough*, Delhi is the cleanest place on earth. The roads are wide and expansive, and parts of the old city have been modernized, especially with the coming in of Metro. More breathing space, lesser crowds, better infrastructure and more money being fueled in both their health and sanitation budget, Delhi is far better in Mumbai in terms of living.

Look at all this space the Mumbaikers don’t have.

It’s significantly cheaper too. Like…a lot cheaper. Inflation hit Mumbai about 50% more than Delhi, especially in terms of food. And don’t even get us started on the real estate in Mumbai; it is cheaper to buy a castle in Jaipur.


Delhi – 1

Mumbai – 0

5. Freedom & Outlook

Political centers (like Delhi) may have a lot of advantages but the unrestrained freedom and the casual air of abandon, as brought about by commercial hubs like Mumbai, are missing. Mumbai has a truly bohemian, cosmopolitan outlook. Different ways of life are accepted wholeheartedly without stringent censure and there is a kind of ‘Live and Let Live’ ideology followed by its inhabitants.

Delhi might not as easily accept differences, preoccupied as they might be, more with outward appearances in terms of dressing up, behavior and lifestyle.


Delhi – 0

Mumbai – 1

6. History & Culture

Hands down Delhi beats Bombay’s butt when it comes to having a native culture and a historically significant scene. There is a strange narrative found within the historical monuments and the age-old buildings and gallis of purani Dilli. Mughal and Hindu culture and art thrive in this city with many scholars, poets and critics making it a hub of activity.

A wary, hardened city, a city looking at its past, breathing in the dust of its forefathers and weaving their realities around their myths. Source: Calvin Moore|blogs.rediff.com

Mumbai, on the other hand, can be quite a cultural wasteland sometimes, being able to boast of only a few art galleries and museums, grossly inadequate befitting a city of its calibre and cultural potential.

Art? History? I just want my batata vada.


Delhi – 1

Mumbai – 0


7. Security

Delhi is the city where you always need to be on guard while you enjoy its gardens, museums and theatres; against the aggressiveness of its people, against nasty cab driver, surly service staff, and against the sheer philistinism of its social life.

Mumbai, with its buzzing nightlife, edgy urban energy and stringent safety measures as well as the mentality of people, allows you to have fun as and when you want it. And while Delhi continues to have an equally riveting night life, we wouldn’t put our money on the safety measures.

Partying in Mumbai at 11 pm

Partying in Delhi at 11 pm


Delhi – 0

Mumbai – 1

8. Getaways

Delhi provides you a lot in terms of weekend getaways, from farmhouses and cozy holiday spots whenever you want to escape from the monotony of city life to overnight drives to nearby cities. Be it Rishikesh or Jim Corbett National Park or a long drive on the Yamuna Expressway to Agra or Simla, Delhi doesn’t hold you back or disappoint you.

But don’t underestimate Mumbai. There are ample places to chill out around this city, from Daman to  Mahabaleshwar to Matheran. Drive to Lonavala or Khandala or take a ferry to Alibaug or go sightseeing to Elephanta Caves.

Bombay boys going to Goa

Delhi boys going to Goa

Delhi boys going to Uncle ka “Farmhouse”


Delhi – 1

Mumbai – 1

9. Opportunities

A good thing about Mumbai is its rigorous, demanding working culture. It’s rightly said that if you want to make something of yourself, come to Mumbai. This city can be a hard taskmaster but the rewards are as good as they get.  They provide ample opportunities for everyone.


Delhi – 0

Mumbai – 1

10. Transportation

Delhi boasts of India’s best Metro Railway system; clean, easily accessible, it’s a far cry above the jam-packed locals of Bombay. While Delhiites do suffer because of their dishonest rickshahwallahs, the rest of their public transport is much better than squeezing yourself in a Virar Fast or getting stuck in Andheri East at rush hour.

Your move, Mumbai. Source: nasiknews.com, housing.com/blog


Delhi – 1

Mumbai – 0

11.  Civilization & Civic Sense

Ok, this has got to be the deciding factor.

Despite Delhi scoring away on infrastructure and food and culture, nothing beats the people of Mumbai. Warm, friendly, supremely energetic, there is nothing that tires a Mumbaikar. What’s interesting is that the busiest people will stop in their tracks, take a moment out of their air-tight schedules and deign to help out a lost soul.

Not only are Mumbaikars down to earth and accepting of outsiders, they have the rare Indian quality of caring for public property and abiding by laws and helping their fellow man.

Source: Flickr User Prasad Kholkute


Delhi – 0

Mumbai – 1

So the final count is in!

Delhi – 6

Mumbai – 7

Ultimately, the two cities have their own charming traits and their own problems. The idea is to look at what you want in life and which all compromises you’re willing to make.

We love both in their own ways 🙂


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