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Essay about Strategic Human Resource Management

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Human resource is the greatest and most important asset in any organization. This is because without the human resources an organization cannot achieve its goals. An organization need to develop a pool of labor so as avoid low labor turn over. For a company or an organization to develop a pool of labor it has to strategically manage the human resources. Strategic human resource management involves managing people with an aim of future direction. It is geared towards matching the human resources with the future needs of the organization. The process is determinant of employees’ behavior in their effort to formulate and implement the strategic needs of a business (Carter McNamara, 2009).
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Proper and effective analysis of this enables the organization to estimate the effects the change has on their operation and their level of returns. The objectives and content of change and process of management have to be specified as part of change management (Carter McNamara, 2009).
According to the change management in the human resources, there are several theories that help in the management of the changes; one of the commonly used theories being that on payoffs. The theory states that; one way to get traction on the larger goal of a fully comprehensive system transparent to all would be to start where the payoff is likely to be the greatest. An organization has to consider the issue of payoff so as to avoid conflicts in the organization among the employees and between the employees and the employers (Carter McNamara, 2009).
The payoff should start where it is greatest since this process usually result in understandable resistance. This is one of the changes in an organization that are difficult and tricky to manage and adapt to. A payoff change where the payoff is low results in resistance from where the payoff is great, and vice versa hence this issue has to be handled with expertise. The resistance might also under motivate the employees hence failure or slow implementation of organizational policies. The cause of this is lack of uniformity in focus and direction due to poor work morale

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An organization consists of several departments but working together towards the achievement of set objectives. One of the most important departments of an organization is the human resource department. It is mainly charged with the duty of, recruitment, promotions, placement and rewards in an organization. For an organization to maintain operations and increase profit, it has to strategically manage its affairs. This enables an organization to assess its strategies and formulate new ones hence meet the customers’ demands. Since employees implement strategies, they have to be informed of the strategic missions of an organization. Strategic plans by an organization are always aimed at gaining competitive advantage, as such;…show more content…

An organization can achieve this by applying the most effective HR practices among them; reward ceremonies, delight employees with the unexpected, acknowledge sharing, open house discussions and feedback mechanism, highlight performers, performance linked bonuses, fair evaluation system for employees, 360 degree performance management feedback system, safe, healthy and happy workplace and open book management style (Gireesh Sharma, 2010). The major HR practices are; human resource planning, compensation, appraising, union-management relationships, training and development and staffing. For the attainment of competitive advantage via the department, it has to have in place both strategic thrusts and targets. An organization always has four targets that it can use for competitive advantage. The activities represent the company and both the downstream and upstream activities. The targets are; the company itself, suppliers, distributors and customers. A company can reach either forward or backward and hence shape the HRM practices of other companies. For instance, a company can train its store manager on merchandizing techniques and hence increase sales. It can also assist its consumers carry out performance appraisal hence making the customers competitive and increase purchase (, 2011). An organization can apply two thrusts so as to beat the prevailing competition via the HR practices. It can be through differentiation or cost efficiency thrust. The

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