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Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample 1:

I recently came across your advertisement for a graphic designer, and would like to submit my resume and application for the advertised post. After perusing your requirements I feel that my qualifications and work experience perfectly match them. I hold a Master’s diploma in Graphic Designing and have a total work experience of 5 years. I am well versed in different areas of design and have successfully designed solutions for print media and websites. My key duties and responsibilities include, among others, the following:

  • Meeting clients to discuss the objectives and requirements
  • Understanding the client’s needs and developing suitable concepts
  • Estimating the amount of time needed to complete projects
  • Designing different types of illustrations and layouts as per brand guidelines
  • Produce excellent visual solutions
  • Working with different types of media, including computer aided design, or CAD, and photography
  • Working alone or as part of a team as per the requirements of the project
  • Collaborating with copywriters, photographers, printers, stylists, illustrators, and account managers to give the best service to the clients

I am comfortable with Mac OSX as well as Windows. In addition, I have in-depth knowledge about almost all top designing software, including the following: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Acrobat Professional. Good communication and listening skills are paramount for a graphic designer, and I excel in both verbal and written communication. I am a team player to the core, but am also at complete ease when working alone. I have attached a copy of my resume as well as the link to my online portfolio for your reference. I hope you will find enough evidence of my capabilities as a Graphic designer in there to call me for an interview.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample 2:

I am interested in the recently opened position of Graphic Designer in your esteemed company, and would like to submit my application and resume for it. Mr. Philips William, who works as a Project Manager in your company, apprised me about this position. With a master’s diploma in Graphic designing and over 7 years of experience, I am a great candidate for this position.

For last 4 years I am employed as a graphic designer with ABC designing firm. During my tenure with my present and previous employers, I have had the opportunity to develop and hone my skills in different areas of web designing. Thanks to my rich and varied experience, I am today proficient in various types of graphic designing work, including website templates, logo creation, marketing materials like flyers and brouchers, and book covers.

I have experience of working with different designing software, including the following:

  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe CS Suite
  • Dreamweaver
  • Quark
  • InDesign
  • CorelDraw Graphic Suite
  • Flash
  • Inventor
  • Sketch Up Pro
  • Other 3D imaging software such as Maya, 3DS Max, Hexagon, Blender, AC3D, CATIA, Cheetah 3D, Flux, and Electric Image Animation System

I strongly believe in offering practical, cost-effective solutions and complete adherence to clients’ recommendations. My focus is on developing solutions that are visually appealing and in consonance with the vision and values of my clients. Some of my notable accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conceptualized and executed a very successful online advertising campaign for a leading international SEO company
  • Created highly popular logos for 5 multinational companies, one of which is listed in Fortune 100 companies
  • Redesigned the cover page as well as the layout of a leading Men’s magazine

Attached with the application is my resume that provides details about my education, work experience, and professional achievements. I sincerely hope that you will give me a chance to meet you in person to discuss my candidacy further.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample 3:

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Jones, and I have been a graphic designer for the past 17 years, working on staff for commercial agencies serving the entertainment and media fields, as well as running my own small design firm, OPN Digital Creations. My abilities and experience are far-ranging. I have all the necessary skills to see a given project from first idea through conceptual development and design to final product, even trouble-shooting computer software and hardware if necessary along the way. I am well-versed in all the software programs that you require as you will see on my attached resume. The security of a position with a firm of your success and stability would not only be in my best practical interest, but also serve my desire to concentrate more on my first love, the actual job of graphic design rather than the many complications of running your own small business. I hope that you will keep me in mind and my resume on file for any current or future available openings. If you would like me to provide further employer references, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.

A graphic designer is a person involved in the process of creating visuals through the use of typography, images, and other elements. A specific design has to be made through the use of all the combined materials and must follow the specifications given by a client. 

If you want to apply as a graphic designer, make sure that aside from a comprehensive resume, you should have a cover letter that will set the bar high to your competitors. You may take a look at our Cover Letter Template samples and base yours according to its format.

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Graphics Design Cover Letter Sample

The graphic design industry is a technical field that requires creativity from all the people involved in design production. The products that they create are for both printed and electronic media, especially to those businesses that need marketing tools and advertisement collateral.

Cover Letter Must-Haves for a Graphic Designer

Since it is both a technical and a creative field, those who aspire to be graphic designers must keep in mind that a cover letter must showcase their strengths. Here are a few suggestions on what you can put on your cover letter should you want to apply for this job:

  • Highlight the design techniques that you already know and identify your target employer’s areas of processes where you can be of great help through the use of your techniques.
  • Provide a list of all the design software that you are aware of using and stress enough that you can create designs both on electronic or technological devices as well as using manual labor.
  • Give them an idea about your work ethics and how your efficiency in creating a graphic design at the fastest possible design can help their company to achieve maximum results.

You may browse through our Job Cover Letter and Free Cover Letter samples and use them as your references.

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Putting Creativity to Another Level

Since being a graphic designer is not a typical job in the corporate world, here are a few suggestions that we can provide regarding your cover letter:

  • Try to make your cover letter an actual design template. You can create your own graphics and use it as a border design or a header for your cover letter.
  • If the first idea is too much, you can actually attach a link in your cover letter that will lead your prospective employer to your online portfolio.
  • Printing even just a page with various graphic designs that you’ve already done and attaching it at your cover letter can also be a good idea.

Though these items are considerably artistic and creative, the effect that it can give to your application may vary. Make sure to research about your company and the kind of business operations that they are doing. If the company is too formal, then it is better to stick with a normal cover letter. But if you think that the abovementioned suggestions can be of help to your application, feel free to do them.

If you are just starting out as a Graphic Designer, check out our Entry Level Cover Letter samples and download or use them as a guide in creating a cover letter that will fit your credentials and experiences.

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