A Short Essay On Good Manners

Good manners are very important in life. They make our day to day life smooth and easy. A rich man has a crowd of flatterers around him and a powerful man may be obeyed by people just out of fear. But a man with pleasing manners is genuinely loved and appreciated by all. Good matures help a man to win friends easily.

A man with pleasing manners respects the feelings, and sentiments of people around him. He shows proper regard to his elders, loves his equals and is kind to those who are younger than him. Modesty and courtesy are essential traits of his personality. He is never proud or haughty and he takes great care not to hurt the feelings of other people. Good manners bring sunshine to life. A man with pleasing manners is jolly and gay. He has always a smile on his lips and he is mentally happy. Thus good manners enrich the personality of a man.

Good manners are vital for success in life. Nobody likes a rude person, but good manners endear a man to other. A shopkeeper who behaves rudely with his customers can never flourish in his trade, but one who behaves politely and pleasantly with others attracts a large number of customers. Patients always rush to a doctor who is sympathetic towards them. A leader cannot have a large follower unless he is polite to others. In fact good manners have a magnetic influence over the people.

The primitive people were savage and brutal. They rarely showed any concern for others. They found it difficult to keep their emotions under control. But civilization taught people to be considerate to others. Thus good manners are true signs of civilization.

Good manners cost nothing, but they bring about handsome rewards. When someone says "please" or "thank you" he actually finds himself in the midst of cheerful crowd. When someone is polite and soft spoken, he gets over many difficult situations in life.

Good manner are not, however, born with us. They have to be cultivated with great care. Childhood is the best period to cultivate good manners and so both parents and teachers have a great role to play.


Good Manners

Introduction: Good Manners refers to polite, humble, courteous, respectful and well-cultured social behavior. A man or women, above everything else, is esteemed and distinguished on account of his or her good manners. A human-being is distinguished from brutes not on account of his intelligence alone but also on account his behavior and manners.

To have good manners means to be polite and considerate in all that you do. Good manners involve respect for others, and a kind of social awareness which means that we act in such a way as not to harm those around us, to cause undue offence to them, or to allow them to feel upset or uncomfortable.

Importance of good manners

Good manners are important. They demonstrate respect for other people. Further, a well-mannered man is respected and esteemed wherever he goes and esteemed in whatever condition of life he may be. A rich man or a high-pedigreed person, bumped with all titles without good manners, is hated in an ideal society. On the contrary, a poor man, with tattered clothes, but having delightfully good manners is sure to attract everyone’s attention and win everybody’s liking.

Among students in particular, preservation of good manners is a boon. It is a pity that on account of lack of manners in the modern students, an ugly and unpleasant atmosphere of indiscipline has been created. Good manners cost nothing. One the other hand they pay us a lot.

Examples of good manners

  • Say, “Thank you” when you receive anything from someone,
  • Say, “Please” while requesting for something,
  • Say, “Excuse me” to get attention for something,
  • Compliment other for their good qualities,
  • Always knock the doors before entering other’s bed-room,
  • Be respectful towards your elders, and teachers,
  • Be compassionate towards someone who is in pain,
  • Listen attentively when someone is talking to you,
  • Be courageous enough to accept your mistake and never hesitate to say, “Sorry”.
  • Always be ready to help others around you,
  • Clean your shoes regularly.
  • Always seek permission before touching or using something that belongs to someone else.
  • If someone asks a question, try to respond with a smile.
  • Do not interrupt in between the sentences when someone is speaking. Instead, wait for your turn.
  • Eating quietly and considerately serving other people at the dinner table before serving yourself.
  • Ensuring that you give money to the needy with a friendly and respectful smile.
  • Be willing to help elderly or infirm people on and off public transport.


 We, the dwellers of this land of great and noble personalities, must exhibit above all other things, an ideal force of character through our everyday manners, imbibed with nobility and spiritual sublimity.

It has been rightly said that ‘manners make a man’. Standard of good manners differs from country to country. But one thing is common to all that is to show respect and reverence to all with whom we come in contact.

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