Hca 322 Week 2 Assignment

COMMUNITY HEALTH ROLES WORKSHEETStudent Name: _________Jennifer King___________________________________________________________________Definition of TermsGovernmental AgencyGovernmental Agencies are established by local, regional or federal governments and administrate over specific functions. These agencies separate organizations but work with specific governmental departments and many times report to them. Many times the governmental department have several different agencies with their own specific objectives. Quasi-government AgencyA quasi-government agencies are supported by a branch of government but managed by a private division. It is often referred to as a hybrid because both private entities and government agencies are involved in forming these organizations. The government can issue laws and funding to form the agency initially but they are then owned and operated by a privately ran firm. Non-government AgencyNon-government agencies are non-profit organizations, ran by a group of volunteers, and remain independent of any level of government control. These organizations range from local community groups to those of an international level. These agencies implement a multitude of different activities.

2 Running Header: G.I.N.A.: A long waited for decision The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008: A long waited for decision In 2008 President Bush sign the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act , this new law prevented employers and insurance companies from using genetic information during the decision making process. What this meant for employers that they would not be able to discriminate against prospective or current employees who posed certain genetic traits for specific types of disease or illness. Nor, would insurance companies be able to use this information to determine premiums for individuals either. Neither party would be allowed to request, require o purchase this type of information (The New England Journal of Medicine, Kathy L. Hudson, PhD, Holohan, J.D., & Francis M. Collins, M.D., PhD, 2008). Violations would be punished with corrective actions and/or monetary penalties.

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