Ten Years From Now Essay Ideas

I always wanted to see what will be my life in the future, what will be my career and what will I become? As I reflected my childhood I have many dreams and aspirations that I would like to accomplish within the next ten years to come. In ten years, I can see myself having many of my goal accomplished, if not accomplished, I will be working on accomplishing those goals to fulfil my life. We all know when growing up that we all wanted that fairy tale ending with the house, car, kids, and the dog. Ten years from now I plan to be raising my children, coming out of college with several degrees, and being happy. They say in one’s life we all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us. You’re about to embark with me unto the long, curvy road of my life, and Watch upon it as it unfolds through my eyes. This is my life as I see it will be ten years from now. I have most of it planned out already. This is my story.

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School has always been an important goal in my life. Growing up I always wanted to attend college for at least 10 years to receive an accounting degree. Now that I’m older I realized that accountancy is not what I want. I want to be a doctor. I am interested in M.D. /Ph.D. dual degree program, receiving a certificate, and a licence for medicine. I’m sure I am going to be professional doctor someday. I love helping other people with their sickness.

Write about your life ten years from now (100 words). Remember to use Relative Clauses, Future Forms. You should tell :
- Where you will live
- How the place where you live will change
- Describe your study or work
- Family life
- Your friends

I myself sometimes wonder how my life will change after ten years. It is such a long time that everything will certainly change a lot.

The most important change is that I will almost certainly get my qualifications after studying abroad nearly ten years. Consequently, I will start running my own business in Viet Nam. Furthermore, I will probably live in a luxury house which will be surrounded by a very lovely private garden with green grass, roses and a small botanic garden. However, I definitely won't have enough time for my family and friends. At any rate, I will try my best to spare time for them at weekends.

In conclusion, I hope that my life in the future will be more comfortable.

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