Hairstyles Essay

  • It's a basic human right

    Dictating how a student wears their hair is a clear violation of human rights. You aren't teaching respect, you're teaching blind obedience and fascism. How will children and young adults learn about respect if they are constantly disrespected and dehumanised by their educational establishment. Also a school should teach how to think, not what to think. It's an abhorrent draconian power trip by heads more interested in their own superiority than a young persons learning

  • Students should be able to express themselves

    As a student myself studying in a school which has hair rules, i do not agree that hair rules should even exist. The teachers and principal of the school waste their time observing and addressing to the student when they have long hair. IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Besides that, hairstyle in NO WAY affects leaning attitude in the class. As a conclusion, students should be allowed to express themselves through hairstyle because there is never a case where 'short hair makes for better grades'

  • Schools should not be allowed to tell us how to wear our hair.

    At my school (public) a new rule has been made. Girls cannot wear their hair up high at all. The whole school is furious. The hair on our heads and how we wear it is not disrupting anyone's learning or how the teacher teaches so why can they make such a rule.

  • Everyone have their rights to look how they feel comfortable

    First of all is that if school have no rules about hairstyle or length,alot of students will feel less worried about getting an ugly haircut from the teachers and be more focused about studying and academic performance.Second is we as kids or teenagers like to express our true self or being unique rather than looking the same as ALL other students in the school and have no rights to feel or look comfortable.Third is that i don't know other countries but in malaysia especially my school SMK Seri Sepang its kinda crule to cut our hair or just buzz it with the number 2 clipper when we put so much effort on it.Fourth is whats wrong with styled or long hair,it does not effect the students "smartness" or what so ever because as i know as a 16 year old student no studies have shown that long hair leads to dumbness or getting an F in an subject.Im here because i just got my hair cut using stupidly cheap scissor that is usually used to cut papers and not hair and making my image messed up so bad.To be honest i cannot show my rights in my school just because im a student and i have to listen to my teacher in oder to suscced in life and if i show my rights,teachers in my school will label me as a rude,not discipline,dumb ect student and will probally get expelled from my school just because if i show my rights.

  • First, expression -duh everyone has own style.

    Second, since we were kids, we couldn't even grow a long hair at least once in our life.
    Third, It's a bit pricey tho to get new hair cut monthly, well, lucky for barbers tho.
    Fourth, With the expression and having no insecurity with ourselves, we could be more productive by ourselves.
    Fifth, some people say.. It's discipline thing..But duh discipline doesn't need to be policy, but a self-reliant.
    Suggest: colleges to remove hair cut policy. Why? College students are more mature than high school ones.

  • School staff has no right to choose what kind of hairstyle we should wear

    What are teachers there for? To teach not so? What right do they have to put boundaries for us and yet our parents pay our schools fees full on and once off. Where does that money go to? Yes it goes to their pays so they should focus on doing their jobs and let us live our lives while we still have the time as hairstyles do not at any cost affect our intellect it only depends on the Genes if you are meant to be intelligent or stupid.

  • What Difference Does It Make?

    Hairstyles are a way of showing our personalities. How are we meant to be free citizens if we can't even style our hair how we want it? Last time I checked, we think with our brains, not our hair. The rules on how we dress at schools are getting out of hand. As Dr. Seuss says; "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

  • We should be aloud

    We want our own style not a boring updo. We have our personalities so do our hairs but I love my hair I have it curly frizzy and my teacher tells me off .I don't know why its showing my personality . We need to show our personalits not the schools .

  • Own hair styles

    I think that we should wear our own styles.First of all,it is not their hair,and not their stuff to worry about.Second of all,do they want to be controlled of their hair?I'm sure NOT.So if they don't,we don't need to.Last,we have our own styles. So do our hairs.So that is it.

  • Own hair styles

    I think that we should wear our own styles.First of all,it is not their hair,and not their stuff to worry about.Second of all,do they want to be controlled of their hair?I'm sure NOT.So if they don't,we don't need to.Last,we have our own styles. So do our hairs.So that is it.

  • Published: May 13, 2013 at 12:33 p.m.

    Updated: May 15, 2013 at 02:07 p.m.

    Most memorable hairstyles in the NFL


    Happy birthday to Tyrann Mathieu, who has one of the most memorable hairstyles in football. In honor of Mathieu, the Summer of Rank looks at the best hairstyles in NFL history.

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    Adam Rank Writer |

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    • 21

      21. Garo Yepremian

      This looks like a guy who would throw the worst pass in Super Bowl history, right? (AP Photo)

    • 20

      20. Charlie Whitehurst

      We kick off with Clipboard Jesus. Let's just say only his look, and not his play on the field, was divine. (Yes, that was cheesy. Even for me.) (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

    • 19

      19. Anthony Dixon

      Dixon always keeps you guessing with his hair, but the frosted tips here are a winner. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

    • 18

      18. Mark Sanchez

      Sanchez was given a lot of grief for this hair choice (among other things). But I kind of like it. Sanchez wanted to keep the hair out of his face. Oh, and for the record, Sanchez is growing his hair out to donate his locks to cancer patients. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

    • 17

      17. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

      So everybody wants to give Sanchez grief, and yet DRC gets a free pass with the painted stripe? But it is kind of cool. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

    • 16

      16. Joe Namath

      Yep, this is the look of a guy who you know is going to beat your football team and end up getting the girl, too. (AP Photo)

    • 15

      15. Jeff Reed

      Hey Jeff, Guy Fieri called, he wants his look back. (AP Photo/G. Newman Lowrance)

    • 14

      14. Don Hutson

      If anybody could encapsulate old-timey football, it's Hutson who was the greatest player of his generation (and one of the most prolific of all-time). (AP Photo)

    • 13

      13. Antonio Garay

      I'll be honest, I'm kind of oversaturated with guys who shave designs into their head. It's been done, fellas. However, Garay gets the lifetime achievement award. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

    • 12

      12. Kevin Greene

      Greene here is rocking a Hulk Hogan look from his AWA days. Not surprisingly, Greene made a go at it in professional wrestling. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

    • 11

      11. Pat Tillman

      But if we're going to talk about all-time best long hair, the conversation starts and ends with Tillman. His look inspired guys like A.J. Hawk to grow out long hair. (AP Photo/Greg Trott)

    • 10

      10. Jerry Rice

      This was a very bold look for Rice here, as he was able to cultivate a dual style of the shaved head with the dread locks. Very bold, indeed. (AP Photo/Al Golub)

    • 9

      9. Tom Brady

      The master of many looks, Brady is showing off a pretty nice 'do right here. At least it's not that Justin Bieber-look he had for so long. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

    • 8

      8. Matt Hasselbeck

      Hey, being bald is a style. And I might be biased but I think Hasselbeck looks pretty slick here. Don't judge me. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

    • 7

      7. Rashean Mathis

      We'll have Mathis represent all those with the long dreadlocks. But this look can be a hazard. Officials had to pick up a flag when a horse-collar tackle was found to actually be hair-pulling on Mathis who was in the middle of an interception return. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

    • 6

      6. Domata Peko

      Yes! That's all. Just yes! (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

    • 5

      5. Tim Tebow

      Sadly, Tebow never took to the Friar Tuck look as first cultivated here by the hands of some veterans during his rookie season. (AP Photo/Eric Bakke)

    • 4

      4. Randy Moss

      Moss went with many different hair styles during the years. But he became the Bake McBride of his era with this look. And Google Bake McBride, it's worth it. (AP Photo/David Stluka)

    • 3

      3. John Riggins

      Long before "faux-hawks" and fancy hair coloring became a fashion statement, Riggins rocked a real Mohawk. (National Football League)

    • 2

      2. Troy Polamalu

      The gambling style of Polamalu has made him a favorite among even novice fans. But you have to wonder if he would enjoy the notoriety if he didn't have the long, flowing locks. Actually, you don�t have to wonder about it too much at all. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

    • 1

      1. Brian Bosworth

      But when you talk about people who were known for their hair more than anything else, it's the Boz. Well, I mean he's also known for that whole Bo Jackson thing. But the hair is right there. (AP Photo/Paul Jasienski)

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