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Scholarship writing tools facilitate your quest for a scholarship. Competition for scholarships increases every year. Each scholarship comes with its own application requirements - your ability to write the standout essay may mean the difference between winning and losing.

College Admission: Scholarship Writing Tools

Attending college is a tremendous achievement. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for higher education. Loans are a fantastic way to cover expenses, but even loans that are deferred for several years will have to be paid back. A scholarship is money you win towards your education, and the only way you have to pay it back is by getting a great education and contributing to society.

Scholarship writing tools are not a kit you can buy or a software program you can load on your computer. They begin and end in you. They involve your ability to research, to analyze, to predict and to write. While writing is important to your scholarship application, it is not the only tool you need.

Begin with Research

Research will provide you with key information about potential scholarships. Approach your scholarship application the same as you would a job application. You are unlikely to apply for a customer service position and a technical engineering position with the same resume and list of skills.

Scholarships are offered by organizations, corporations and government departments. Every organization that offers a scholarship offers one for a purpose, such as supporting its core goals. For instance, scholarships made available by teaching organizations are designed to support future teachers. If you have no intention of becoming a teacher, then you should not be applying for these scholarships.

Research potential scholarships, identify the organizations which share your goals and study their mission statements. If you believe strongly in building a relationship with your writing, you need the good foundation research will provide.

Writing Your Essay

Most scholarship applications require an essay of some kind. The essay is only a portion of your application, but a strong essay can bolster your chances for winning that scholarship. Your research should have identified many facts that you need to know:

  • The deadline for application submission
  • The guidelines for the application and the essay
  • The subject matter and format of the essay

Without these three components, you will not be able to use the right tools to create a scholarship-winning essay. If the organization wants to know your goals in life and all you discuss are your accomplishments, then you have not met the guidelines or written to the desired subject matter. If the essay is open to any topic with regard to your future plans, then you can take advantage of this creative freedom to let yourself shine.

Developing Your Essay

Know what you're going to write before you write it. You may need to write several drafts of the essay before you perfect your topic. Remember, essays have a definitive beginning, middle and end.

The beginning of your essay should provide an introduction to what you are going to discuss. It should also open with a thesis statement. This statement is the most powerful portion of your essay. It introduces the reader to a core concept in your beliefs that your essay supports.

For instance, if you are applying for a creative arts scholarship, you may open the essay with, "Art is a fundamental part of everyday life, from the architectural buildings we construct to the landscaping we design for our homes." This one statement identifies a wide spectrum of artistic achievement that steps outside the general perception of art. You are introducing a fundamental belief that you have. You can use the rest of the essay to support this belief as well as explain why art is so important to you.

Editing Your Essay

  • Every time you write a draft of your essay, give yourself 24 hours before reviewing it again. This downtime will allow a fresh perspective for edits. Read your essay out loud; if you stumble over the words, chances are your reader will as well.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to research, develop, write and edit the ideal essay to help you reach your scholarship-winning goals.
  • For more great writing tips, visit LoveToKnow's Freelance Writing channel.

When you sit down to study for exams, these memorization techniques can be effective in helping you accomplish your goal.

Use the following tips to better memorize your material:

Listen Up

Have you ever considered that, perhaps, simply reading your material isn’t cutting it because that’s not how you learn?

Try listening to your material – your brain is wired to absorb the information better! You can record yourself reading aloud.

Since some people don’t like the sound of their own voice, lots of people will trade the task with a classmate and record each other’s voices in order to hear someone else read the material aloud.

Rewrite It

If you rewrite the information and, basically, translate it into common terms from the technical terms the textbook uses, it can be easier to learn. Also, you’ll likely absorb the information as you rewrite it.


If you’re a visual learner, this can be a great method for you to use. You can create visual study methods like diagrams, color-coding and by creating imagery in your head.

Create Acronyms

You likely still remember the order of operations acronym, PEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally), from grade school math, right? That’s because acronyms really work!

You’re never too old use any study method, as long as it works for you. Try to create acronyms for whatever you’re trying to memorize – you’ll likely catch on quickly.

Remember, it’s OK to be silly – as long as they help you memorize, it doesn’t matter what the acronym is!

Map Information

A visualization method, mapping information can be a useful tool, especially for conceptual studies. Maps link concepts to one another, making them easier to memorize.

You can create your own maps or, even use an app to create one for you.

Skim Readings

If you’re unable to do all of the readings or, even if you have done all the readings (which you should), skim through the material to absorb the most important pieces of information.

If you’re reading a textbook, they’re often the terms in bold and highlights at the end of each chapter.

Teach a Classmate

Teaching another person the material is one of the best ways to learn it because it reinforces the concepts within your own mind.

Get together with a classmate and take turns teaching one another to make sure you know your stuff before the exam.

Balance Your Workload

Take the entire amount you need to learn and divide it into smaller study sessions rather than one long cram session. You’ll likely much more focused if you have small amounts to accomplish.

For example, it’s a great idea to divide by chapters and take a small break after completing each one.

Make It Real

If you can relate a concept to your life or life around you, it will likely stick. It’s not always easy or applicable but, when able, try to find real life examples of whatever you’re learning to make it easier to recall.

Create Flashcards

This is a well-known study method that’s great – but only if you’re creating them correctly! When you create note-cards, your focus should be on key terms and concepts and their main points – not filling each note-card with an entire paragraph.

Here’s a great trick to making note-cards: you should be able to read the entire note-card at a glance.

Perhaps, creating note-cards in a Q&A format, question on one side, answer on the other, is a good way to stay on track.

Also, if you’re not into writing out on paper, there are plenty of web sites and apps that allow you to create note-cards and share them.

What additional study techniques do you use to help memorize material?

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