Spartek Ceramics Case Study Solution Format



Availability of Raw Material in abundanceUse of Ceramic is Pharma and Chemical industry unlike mosaicUse of Single Fast Firing echni!ue which cuts down the "rocess time leads to #$% fuel saving& As much as ($% )rst !uality tiles out"utUse of *P+, the cleanest fuel, giving the best colour develo"mentMarketable !uality "roducts from very )rst dayFirst Mover bene)t as this industry was created by S"artekStrong brand image and credibilityStrong hold in Andhra Pradesh areaResourceful -ealersSubsidy .ene)ts


Retail /isibility is low


-ue to strong brand image, it can diversify into new segments0t can e1"and and ca"ture the market share0t can ac!uire another com"any in order to grow further+rowth of housing industry and construction industry


Ceramics 0ndustry is saturated-iversi)cation can lead to disastrous outcomesCom"etitors of S"artek have undertaken an e1"ansion route

'O$M%LA!IO O' CO$#O$A!" S!$A!"G(

Spartek orks ith the !otto6 7nnovation that Paysn 1988: options availa;le ith Spartek ere6

-<pansion o" Sparteks

 #apa(ity to 4==== +PA:


>er$er or A(.uisition

AAL(SIS O' S#A$!")*s C%$$"! SI!%A!IO

Spartek has produ(ed !arketa;le .uality produ(t "ro! the very "irst day o" produ(tion

9=? "irst $rade output as a(hieved ithin days

1==? (apa(ity utili@ation ithin 2 eeks o" the (o!!en(e!ent o" (o!!er(ial produ(tion


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