Spall Strength Definition Essay

Strength is defined as “the quality or state of being physically strong,” “the ability to resist being moved or broken by force,” and “the quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way.” (Merriam-Webster). In my opinion this definition sufficiently encompasses the meaning of strength. However, I would also include in this definition, that strength is a feature that sets individuals apart from each other. A person’s strengths make them unique and valuable.

My top five strengths (as determined by Gallup Strengths finder) are Restorative, Context, Analytical, Deliberative, and Learner. Restorative can be defined as problem solving. A restorative person enjoys breaking down issues and solving them step-by-step. Context can be described as looking to past results for answers to current issues. Someone who is contextual learns from the mistakes of history so that those mistakes may not be repeated. Analytical strength is the ability to break down and analyze a situation. An analytical person finds answers in deep contemplation and study. Deliberative can be defined as careful and reserved. A deliberative person is not likely to take risks unless all negative and positive consequences have been taken into account. Learner can be described as the love of knowledge. Someone who enjoys learning accepts that they do not have all the answers and therefore must continue seeking out answers to problems.

My strengths are oriented toward education and learning. Therefore they will play a strong role in my current life of academics. My ability to analyze, study, find answers will be beneficial to my college career and hopefully result in a high amount of success. My strengths are not, however, restricted to an academic environment. They will hopefully play a beneficial role in my future career as problem solving and analyzing issues are crucial qualities for successful members of the workplace. Knowing my strengths enforces my decision to continue my academic studies beyond college. Knowing my ability to analyze and find solutions compliments my future goals of a higher degree of education and achievement.

In the future, I may utilize my restorative strength by solving a complex problem imposed by my future workplace by breaking the problem down, and solving it step by step. I may utilize my contextual strength in the future by looking back on past failures that I might have made. These failures could occur in college or the workplace, however my contextual strength will prevent the same mistakes from occurring twice. I may utilize my analytical strength in my future by analyzing my issues so that I may find the best possible solutions. I may utilize my deliberative strength by remaining reserved in my actions, and not taking chances, which could result in fewer failures. I may utilize my strength of learning by continuing my education throughout my life. This could happen in the form of graduate degrees or professional studies.

My aforementioned strengths are unique to my personality and my character. They define me as an individual who is proficient at learning, analyzing, and problem solving. It is my hope that these strengths will continue to benefit me throughout my college career, and then eventually support me as an effective and productive member of society.

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Many students look at definition essays as being an 'easy' way of getting a grade. It may look simple, but writing a good definition is more than just writing description. Use this guide to get the most out of your essay and get the highest grades possible.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Definition Essay?
  2. Definition Essay Structure
  3. How to Write Definition Essay
  4. Definition Essay Topics
  5. Definition Essay Examples

What is Definition Essay?

A definition essay is an essay that gives the reader a detailed definition of a term or idea. A good essay will be well researched, and draw on relevant evidence and examples in order to define something properly. They can often be used to define something abstract, such as the idea of 'freedom'.

Definition Essay Structure

Each essay will differ depending on the topic, but they'll usually follow the same basic outline:

  • Introduction: This is where you introduce the topic you're defining. You'll usually start with the dictionary definition, in order to give yourself a starting point.
  • Thesis definition: Here's where you'll give a more nuanced definition, based on your understanding and research.
  • Main body: Each paragraph will deal with a different aspect of defining the term. You can start with a paragraph detailing the history and origin of the topic, move onto a full dictionary definition and usage, and then finally create your own personal definition, based on what you have learned.
  • Conclusion: This will draw all your main points together, without introducing anything new.

How to Write Definition Essay

  • Choose the term you want to define. This may be given to you, or you'll need to choose it for yourself. Make sure you pick a term that you can easily research around.
  • Do your research. The best way to start is to look up several different definitions of the term, and see how it's usually used. Then, you can start reading more widely to expand on your knowledge.
  • Write an outline, like the one above. This will give you the roadmap to your essay, and make it a lot easier to write.
  • Sit down and write. Choose somewhere quiet and free of distractions, in order to get the most out of your writing time.
  • Proofread and edit your essay once it's done. Make sure there're no errors lurking in your text that could affect your final grade.

Definition Essay Topics

As noted earlier, topics for these kinds of essays are usually an abstract idea or theory. You could be given a topic such as 'Love' or 'Laziness' to define. These are broad enough in scope that you can interpret them as you see fit, as long as you have the evidence to back it up.

Definition Essay Examples

It's a good idea to practice writing definition essays. Here're few topics that you can try yourself:

  • Success
  • A good marriage
  • Good and evil
  • Enlightenment

Practice these, and see how you handle them. When it comes to the real thing, you'll be ready.

With this guide, you can now write an excellent definition essay. Remember to do your research, and give yourself enough time to finish the task.

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