How To Be Successful In High School Essay

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High school is a crucial period in the life of young people. In my opinion, there are personal and social factors have great impact on the high school success.

Although, there are several personal factors, which contribute to academic success, the first one is will power. In other words, the student must be self-controlled. Secondly, a student must have a desire and an aim. A desire means, enjoy learning something new and the aim to get a high education, which is vital in order to get a stimulating and rewarding job. Lastly, a student who wished to excel at studies should be delight, studious and hard working. The most important factor is that, not to miss learning lessons daily.

Additionally, social factors also have to play a crucial role in the in victory of high school students. A positive family environment provides, love, support, and encouragement for the student, to the best and install discipline and ambition in the child. Besides, as a child turns to teenager, the peer group begins to play an important role in his life. The friendship one develops at this highly sensitive age can affect one’s attitude towards studies, authorities, society and the world. Furthermore, the school itself is a deciding factor in the student’s academic success, such as, the teachers, the facilities, the method of instruction and so on. All these have a significant impact on the young person’s motivation to excel.

In conclusion, high school success is a product of various influences. If student is studious and does his best to have academic achievement, then he can become an important member of the society.

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