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Dear Parents,

Board examinations are commencing, in this stressful period lots of mood swings, sadness, enthusiasm, rudeness can be expected from the children. It’s a crucial time to support your child, here are few tips-

1. Wake your child up in the morning with positive stroke, touch or a hug.

2. Start your child’s day with positive statement like I love you, let’s start this beautiful day.

3. Encourage your child with positive statement before s/he leaves for exam like I am sure you will excel, give your best, all the luck to you.

4. Don’t pass your anxiety or fear on to your child whatever the situation is, positive support from your end will give a boost to your child’s confidence.

5. When child comes back avoids discussing paper or asking how was the exam, instead ask how was the experience.

6. Create healthy and happy atmosphere at home specially during exams.

7. Avoid giving marks target to the child.

8. Avoid continuous advice or nagging.

9. Stand by your child even if the exam has not gone as per your or his expectations.

10. Ensure calm sleep of 6-8 hours during exams.

11. Don’t let the child encounter with negative statements or unrealistic expectations from relatives or friends as it will prove detrimental for child.

Remember each child is special and has potential to touch the pinnacles of success, only he needs your support. All  the very best.

Dear Parents,

A survey on social, emotional and physical wellbeing of the students has been done in the school, where we found that children are not only struggling with emotional and health problems but are intolerant, impatient, Money demons, high speed stimulus junkies, challenge law and order, more attached to their gadgets than to their parents or family. Deterioration in values will definitely give birth to anarchically society. I request parents  to   provide the child with a safe, secure, nurturing, loving, and supportive environment that allows the offspring to have a happy and healthy youth . Define boundaries for kids, keep channels of communication open, limit their media exposure, keep a vigil on child’s activities, indulge child in constructive activities, encourage your child to have healthy eating habits and discourage tuition culture at least till class 8 and underage driving as  well..  Let’s join hands to shape the  youth,  so that they can be  productive  contributor to self, family, community, and society.

Dear Parents,

As per the directions of Honorable Punjab and Haryana High Court and further action taken by the DC and DTO-Ludhiana, Auto-rickshaw (three wheelers), vehicles older than 15 years and the defaulter vehicles not complying with Government’s “Safe School Vahan Scheme” have been declared unfit for ferrying the school children. So you are advised to check the private vehicles in which you are sending your child to the school. Such vehicles in any case will not be allowed in school.

Note:- Please click here to check the list of defaulter vehicles.


Guidelines about Safe use of Internet

Dear Parents,

The internet is a time-efficient tool for everyone that widens the possibilities for self-growth. Children being digital natives use internet on a daily basis, for everything from chatting to shopping, gaming, streaming the latest TV shows and of course surfing educational sites. Unfortunately, this grand tool comes with a darker side. Allowing children to have a free access can put children at risk for cyber bullying, human trafficking, sexual assault and can also make them vulnerable to various emotional problems.

In order to help children safely utilize this extraordinary tool it is critical to teach them internet safety practices. The following tips will help you and your family minimizes your exposure to cyber risks.

  • Do not share your name, phone number, e-mail address, password, postal address or picture on networking sites or with strangers.
  • Do not give your phone to strangers for any of the reason.
  • Do not open emails or attachments from unknown people.
  • Do not become online ‘friends’ with unknown people.
  • Never arrange personal meeting with whom you have met online.
  • Join social networking sites that your child uses, so that you can monitor what they share.
  • Avoid illegal downloads.
  • Apply child lock to channels and sites you don’t want your child to visit.


How to earn money online through Yahoo Contributor Network

Posted Date: |Updated: 01-Oct-2017 |Category: General|Author: Ashok Goyal|Member Level: Gold|Points: 25|

Content writers, authors and public can earn money online through various channels like online surveys, AdSense revenue sharing host sites like IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages who provide their publishing platforms not only from their own sites but directly from AdSense. Similarly Yahoo! Contributor Network allows not only to share your voice with online audience of millions, but to earn money by doing so. This article explains how to earn money through YCN that is Yahoo Contributor Network.

What is Yahoo! Contributor Network?

Yahoo! Contributor Network is publishing platform for US Citizens where one can share their knowledge and passion with millions of people worldwide and is open to all content writers, photographers and videographers. Yahoo! Contributor Network allows your voice and expertise to reach online Yahoo audience of more than 750 million. You have to register as a contributor for submitting articles, videos, and images - on any topic your choice you can also accept assignments to get published on Yahoo! sites like Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Movies, and Yahoo! Voices and you will have chance to earn money online, if you get published every time Yahoo! Contributor Network, in the similar fashion as adsense publishers optimize their earnings by using sound tips for getting published and get traffic with SEO tools. Quality is the essence everywhere on the web and as a publisher on any contributor network, never compromise on quality.

Is it all free to join Yahoo! Contributor Network?

Yes, it is free to join Yahoo! Contributor Network rather you get paid while creating content at YCN through an easy sign-up process. You are not to wait and you start earning the moment you submit your content.

How to earn money on YCN, Yahoo Contributor Network?

You can earn money in four ways at YCN that is through accepting assignments, up-front offers, Performance Payments and distribution.

By accepting assignments the authors and contributors can submit content for Yahoo! sites, or any of Yahoo partner sites. Through many assignments one can earn up-front payments, up $25 (and even up to $100 through some Yahoo partner sites). To receive assignments through email alert you have to enable the option while signing up at YCN. In case through assignments you do not get topic of your interest then you have the option to submit content on topics of your choice. Your submissions may be eligible for upfront payments and if you have selected the upfront option then YCN may review the submitted content and offer something up to $15 before publishing it.

Once you get published then your content, based on the traffic, is also eligible for unlimited monthly performance payments at http://contributor.yahoo.com/help/earning-money/.

Content submitted at YCN may be published on more than one Yahoo! Websites and if such published content on one Yahoo! site gets "republished" on more Yahoo! site(s) you are likely to earn revenue for each and every Yahoo site at the rates applicable to the respective site.

If you opt for your content to be distributed to third party sites then you will also be eligible to receive distribution bonus. Yahoo Contributor Network makes all earning payments through PayPal, and if you don't already have PayPal account, you can create basic (free) PayPal account to start earning with the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

How to create an account with YCN

You can create account using your Yahoo!, Facebook, or Google ID. However if you do not have Yahoo! ID, you can create it in minutes. You need to be ready with your pen name and list of your interests before signing up for Yahoo! Contributor Network as these details are likely to be included in your YCN profile. Still having problem to create an account then contact the Yahoo Contributor Network via email for Help at: http://contributor.yahoo.com/help/

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