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Higher Critical Essay 2– power point

HIGHER CRITICAL ESSAY PROSE TEXT– sample essay tasks and planning notes – notes on all aspects of the novel can be found here, with some video clips. found this wonderful resource on “Slideshare”- it would be well worth studying and using for revision. In fact it will be invaluable to you. It is incredibly comprehensive in dealing with character, plot, themes, setting, imagery and symbolism.

The Cone Gatherers setting- place– use this power point for revision. We will go over it in class, but I will not be printing it out for you.


lady-runcie-campbell– this Power Point looks closely at the character of Lady Runcie Campbell and how she conveys one of the themes of the novel.

the-cone-gatherers-critical-essay-plan– this is a plan for an essay on a theme of social significance

Cone Gatherers Exemplar essay– essay on a key incident, with explanatory notes.

The Cone Gatherers Revision Quiz– up to Chapter 9. More to come!


The Cone Gatherers Chapter One Calum and Neil– notes

The Cone Gatherers by Robin Jenkins Chapter 1 Power Point (New Version)

The Cone Gatherers Chapter Two– questions

The Cone Gatherers Chapter 2- notes and homework (For 2016-17 class)

The Cone Gatherers Chapters 3 and 4

the Cone Gatherers Chapter 5 questions


The Cone Gatherers Notes on Chapter Seven. eight.

The Cone Gatherers Chapters 9 and 10


Like this:


29. Look at lines 1—19.

By referring to at least two examples, analyse how Jenkins’s use of language creates a positive impression of Lady Runcie-Campbell. (4)

30. Look at lines 23—43.

By referring to two examples, analyse how the writer uses language to convey the contrast between Duror and Lady Runcie-Campbell. (4)

31. Look at lines 50—53.

Explain why Lady Runcie-Campbell now feels more able to identify with Peggy’s situation. (2)

32. In the novel, Duror is presented not just as an evil character, but one who might be worthy of some sympathy. With reference to this extract and elsewhere in the novel, explain how both aspects of Duror’s character are portrayed. (10)

The Cone Gatherers by Robin Jenkins

The evidence for this candidate has achieved the following marks for each question of this Course Assessment component.  

Question 29 – 3 marks

The candidate provides a more basic comment on idea of ‘charming’ (1 mark).

The reference to listing is not clearly linked to positive impression and so no marks are awarded.

The candidate provides an insightful comment on her sense of fairness and justice (2 marks).

Question 30 – 0 marks

The candidate did not attempt this question.


Question 31 – 1 mark

(This answer appears at the end of the script.)

The candidate provides a more basic comment on what it is like to miss a loved one. However, the answer deals only with Duror with no reference to Peggy (1 mark).

Question 32 – 6 marks

Commonality – 1 mark

Candidate comments on idea of evil but not sympathy.

From the extract – 0 marks

Candidate does not deal with the extract in the answer.

From elsewhere in the novel – 5 marks

The candidate provides a detailed comment on Duror’s hostility to Calum despite his affliction (2 marks).

The candidate provides an insightful comment on Duror’s desire to humiliate Calum and the comparison with Jesus (2 marks).

There is a more basic comment on Duror’s hatred of his wife due to her obesity (1 mark).

(The final comment on Duror’s attempt to end both his and Calum’s lives is less clear. However, this comment could not be awarded marks in any case: this answer deals only with evil and not sympathy, therefore can score a maximum of 5 marks for this part of the answer.)

Total marks for Candidate 2: 10/20

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