A2 Communication And Culture Coursework Examples Of Simile


This is the website for A2 Communication and Culture: The Essential Introduction which follows the new 2009 GCE specification. The authors introduce students to the skills of reading communication texts and understanding the link between communication and culture, as well as taking students through the tasks expected of them to pass the AQA exam.

What you will find on this website:

  • Student Resources: useful and fun online companion materials including flipcards and multiple choice questions.
  • Creative Work: handy tips and useful information.
  • Coursework: sites and topics:2 new chapters exclusive to the website to help with tackling the coursework.
  • About the Series: information and links to other books in the Essentials Series.
  • Links to Buy the Book and to Request an Inspection Copy.
  • Routledge Media Studies Arena: Routledge's main website for this subject area. Get more information about our books, journals and electronic publishing.

Praise for AS Communication and Culture: The Essential Introduction

Clearly focused on the core assessment criteria
Ann-Marie Walkley, Lecturer in Communication & Culture/ English
Very useful as it ties closely in with the new spec
Claire Huxham, Lecturer in English, Film and Communication and Culture, Weston Sixth Form Academy
The use of direct address, rhetorical questions and a chatty conversational tone, with lots of concrete, everyday examples will involve students in a way that more conventional Communication studies textbooks do not…Your students will enjoy this more up-to-date approach
I found this book accessible and attractively presented. It gave the students good opportunities to get to grips with the concepts and theories of communication. The practical tasks suggested work well in the classroom
Richard Evans, Tutor in charge of Communication at Stapenhill Post 16 Centre, Burton-on-Trent

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