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Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Senior Environmental Scientist, Ref: 024479

I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Environmental Scientist at Envirotron Consultancy Group as advertised on on 15 January.

With eight years experience in environmental science, I possess advanced practical and technical knowledge coupled with a passion for water conservation. I have solid experience working with cutting edge water management, sustainability studies, rain and storm water harvesting, recycling and irrigation projects, smart metering, public conservation projects and corporate sustainability reporting.

I have a proven track record in developing efficient, targeted water saving programs, implementing successful waste management initiatives and applying research to create effective sustainability projects. I am a dynamic and motivated team member with excellent analytical, interpersonal and problem management skills. In my current role as Senior Environment Scientist at Watercon I am responsible for overseeing research projects, managing a team of scientists and external contractors, analysing data and writing reports.

I am the President of the National Association for Water Conservation, an associate professor at the University of Overdale, and have had numerous articles published in the Water, Waste and Conservation Monthly.

I monitor developments in the industry closely and was interested to read about Envirotron’s recent Landsafe campaign which I see as one of the most innovative uses of resources of any recent campaign and is sure to bring about a significant change in Australia’s conservation outcomes.

I believe I have the experience, skills and attitude to make a substantial contribution to Envirotron’s projects. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my past projects at an interview.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Joe Plant

A good resume will not get you an internship -- but a bad resume could keep you from one.

Use the resources below:

Sample ENSP resumes:

  • RESUME GUIDE AND TEMPLATE - created by Angela  :)  This can be used as a starting point for general guidelines and formatting, including what to include and how to list them!
  • Elliot - worked full-time after high school in international service programs. However, he wanted a technical/lab-oriented position upon graduation, so emphasized those skills on his resume. You could do the same with GIS/computer skills, foreign language skills, and/or a list of supporting courses.  Elliot's format (BLANK).
  • Courtney -  was a Psychology major who took ENSP classes as "supporting area" and built a "minor." Her leadership activities and wealth of environment-oriented courses made her a strong candidate for environmental positions. Courtney's format (BLANK).

Successful applications...

  • include a high-quality, error-free resume. The thinking goes: if you are not taking care with your resume, then what's to say you will take care with your work?
  • include a carefully-prepared cover letter that addresses the requirements of the internship and your unique qualifications for it, including your long-term goals, and personal interests.
  • are appropriate to your background.  Apply during early college career for less selective (often unpaid) internships to build the expertise necessary to qualify for more advanced (well-paid) internships later on. Do not spend time applying for internships you are clearly not ready for -- but do keep the information on file for next year's round of applications!  

The University Career Center & the President's Promise now has embedded career advisors in each academic College that can assist you with your career development!  Please click on their name to learn more about their services and to make an appointment.

For general services, such as resume and cover letter reviews, visit theUniversity Career Center, 3100 Hornbake Library (South Wing, facing Campus Drive).

You may also meet with Angela if you would like help with your resume.  After reviewing the examples above and revising your resume accordingly, please make an appointment if you would like to go over your draft in person (  Thank you!

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