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Laboratory reports are written to analyze and describe a conducted laboratory experiment, which explores a scientific concept. These papers differ from other types of written assignments. They are structured in such a way, that at every stage of an experiment you have to note the scientific activity and interpret it accurately. Thus, scientific knowledge develops from scientific experimentation.

The main difficulty in writing laboratory reports is that they have a very specific structure. Moreover, it takes too much time to organize all your thoughts, write them down, and edit your text in a right way. As a result, this kind of work can be incredibly stressful and exhausting for you.

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Education and Spelling Foundation.

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In the 21st century, focusing on complete student development has become standard practice for educators. However, the changing nature of technological exposure demands constant changes from education as well. In emerging computer science and engineering programs, the use of SDL has been subtly directed by posing realistic problems for further reflection, study, and corrections. Whether a new solution is arrived at independently or cooperatively, SL and SDL theories overlap in a process of psychological and social discovery (Stewart, 2007). This involves focus on social skills, study skills, and curriculum standards (DiPerna, 2006). Academic confidence and well-developed social skills go hand-in-hand in predicting student achievement. Effective faculty members implement various strategies to reduce class disruptions and enhance learning. Although no singular strategy exists to be equally effective on all students, one common

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