You Are Now Entering The Human Heart Essay

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You are now entering the human heart
The short story “You are now entering the human heart”, written by Janet Frame is a short story focused on the fear of something strange, to overstep boundaries and to be under pressure. I think the feeling is something, that we all know how feels. My definition on fear would be something about, that it is an emotional response to a threat. We all know the feeling, when you sweat like you have accomplished a marathon race, the adrenaline pumps inside your body and you’re extremely nervous.

The story is written in a very objective angle, which you can see through the whole story. You don’t get into the narrator, even though he is one of the most important minor characters in the story - neither on…show more content…

It is my impression that she is about the pensionable age, but she’s still teaching very young children and has a fear of snakes, which is based on her experiences and her beliefs, about that “All snakes were creatures to kill, to be protected from, alike the rattler, the copperhead, king snake, grass snake – venom and victims”, described on page 2, line 6-8. Miss Aitcheson is in the story described as “a city woman born and bread”, also on page 2, line 6 and the attendant is described as a guy, who knows a lot about snakes, and that not any of the snakes are dangerous. He expects, that Miss Aitcheson would have a relaxed attitude towards the snake, and he says to her class “See, she’s not afraid. Miss Aitcheson can stand there with a beautiful snake around her neck and touch it and stroke it and not be afraid”, written on page 3, line 3-5. And that’s because his purpose with it was to get respectively Miss Aitcheson and the children to realise that snakes aren’t dangerous.

Before Miss Aitcheson get near the snake, you hear about that she’s very afraid of the. On page 2, line 1-3 it says, “Her face was pale. She just managed to drag the fear from her eyes to some place in their depths, where it lurked like a dark stain.” and then when she get’s the snake around her neck, I thought every single reader mean that the suspense rise and you’ll as a reader with to what happen on the bottom of page 3, where it says “Suddenly the snake moved around to face Miss Aitcheson

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